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Core Techies India Private Limited

Core Techies India Private Limited

Core Techies is an eminent mobile software development companies with a global presence in the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Italy, USA and an ISO 9001: 2015 certified centers across India. It is a prominent Government of India recognized startup which had its inception in the year 2011 in India. Along with this we have Offshore Development in two cities i.e. Noida (NCR) and Bikaner (Rajasthan).

What are the Best Ways to Design an iOS and Android Mobile Application?

Are you looking for the best ways to design an iOS and Android mobile application? What are the tools that you can use to enhance your mobile application design? Do you want to know some of the most successful ways to enhance your user interface and user experience? Core Techies a logo design company in India brings to you the most productive tools to design mobile applications. Keep Reading! 

Mobile application designers suggest that using the right tool can make your task easy. The web and mobile application designers are always using innovative techniques to enhan

ce the user experience. Thus, it can be considered one of the reasons as to why companies and brands are more willing to spend more time and money on the designing of mobile applications. 


Tools to Design an iOS and Android Mobile Applications:

Core Techies, a web and mobile development company in the Netherlands brings to you some of the advance tool designers use to design a mobile application. Let us dive straight into the topic and find out. 

1. Adobe Experience Design (XD):

The designers who are not MAC users refer to use Adobe Experience Design. The software provides all the features which a designer who uses Mac can get by accessing to Sketch. The software is exclusively fast and easy to use. It provides all the essential features like wireframing, prototyping and more. Hence, one of the drawbacks of this software is that it supports the Windowa10 Anniversary Update. 


2. Origami Studio: 

The tool which has been used to design some of the famous applications like Facebook Messenger, Instagram etc. Origami is a tool developed by Facebook engineers. The software is available for all the designers to design the best user interface for the users. The common features of Origami include previewing of the prototype for both the operating systems, copy and paste layers from Sketch and get them working in Origami, designs can be sent directly and record the prototype using Origami. 


3. OmniGraffle:

The mobile and website designers use OmniGraffle tool to draw the diagrams. It is a tool that provides the freedom to prototype screen flows, strategy maps, wireframes and a variety of diagrams. Hence, it is useful software which helps in making the designing easy. 


4. JustInMind:

JustInMind is a tool for designing wireframes and prototyping. The tool can be downloaded from the server for design team collaboration. Furthermore, it allows you to add HTML, videos, online widgets, docs, interactive maps etc. Therefore, all these tasks can be performed by being online and offline. 


5. UI Stencil Kit:

Do you work with a team in the office? The UI Stencil Kit can help you while your mobile application development team is brainstorming. It has a useful feature such as a sticky note feature. This feature can help you post ideas on idea boards. Therefore, it a designing tool which every designer must have with him. 


Wrapping Up:

There are many other useful tools, for instance, Flinto, Framer JS, InVision etc. which can make the task of designing mobile applications easy and effortless. Are you looking for the experienced website and application designers? Core Techies can be the best guide for designing your end product. We have some experienced creative designers in our team. 

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